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Actor Coaching

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My Clients have gone on to book:

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My coaching service is an in-depth and explorative session where we discover what you can do to make your performance really stand out. We focus on not only breaking down the scene, but also the character, relationships and how it all relates to the project as a whole. 

We discuss what bold choices are appropriate as well as build on more subtle nuances that help bring a three dimensional complex character to life regardless of the size of the role. 


Perfect for self-study, rehearsing for a class or workshop, or preparing for an audition.

 - $40/ 30 minutes

 - $60/ 60 minutes


My consultation service is more focused on the business of acting which is where many talented actors get hindered in progressing to the next level of their career. The entertainment industry can be complicated to navigate and there are so many variables that can affect your strategy such as location, gender, ethnicity, age and experience level. I take the time to get to know you, your goals and limitations to come up with a personalized action plan to help you advance your career.


During our session, we will go through your full portfolio including any headshots, resume and demo reels, to address what works, what could be better and what is needed that could open new opportunities for you. I also answer any questions you may have and discuss in detail aspects of the industry, such as SAG-AFTRA, representation, finding work, different regional markets, etc.

 - $200 / 90 minute initial session

 - $50 / 30 minute follow up sessions

Demo Reel Editing:

One of the most important aspects of your actor portfolio is your demo reel and putting one together can be a challenge. You want it to show off your best work, but you also want to highlight it quickly and still make it flow smoothly, not just a choppy bunch of clips. Did you know that the preferred length of time for a speed reel is under a minute? 

We'll have a discussion about what kind of reel you are looking for: a general demo reel, speed reel, genre reel, character reel, stunt reel or even a starter reel if you don't have any professional footage yet! All you have to do is get me the video files and I'll do the rest!

 - $100 base + $50 per minute of final cut (pro-rated) per reel

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