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Thank you so much for checking out my webpage!


I am a SAG-AFTRA TV and film actress who has appeared on over a dozen TV shows including Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, Criminal Minds, The Winchesters, The Resident, Bold and the Beautiful and more


I love to travel and one of my favorite things about being an actress, is that it allows me to work in distant locations, satisfying my inner wanderlust! My favorite things to do in new places is to dine out and check out the local food scene.

Here's a fun fact: In my past life, I trained as a medical doctor as a surgeon in NYC and then a pathologist in Chicago. Then, to the surprise of everyone, in 2014, I decided to pack up my car and journey along Route 66 to California to pursue acting.

I haven't looked back!


I hope you enjoy my work and if you've ever thought about chasing after a passion or turning a hobby into a career... dare to try. You never know what could happen. 

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