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Movie Review of The Pining

Latest movie review for The Pining by

BEST LEAD ACTRESS Winner for Choices at the Best Shorts Competition

So honored to have won the BEST LEAD ACTRESS for my role as Jennifer in the film Choices at the Best Shorts Competition!

BEST ACTRESS Award of Merit Winner for Choices at the Accolade Global Film Competition

So honored to have won the BEST LEAD ACTRESS: Award of Merit for my role as Jennifer in the film Choices at the Accolade Global Film Competition!

Interview with Asian American Film

"When I have bad days, it just drives me to work harder."

Loving my latest interview with Asian American Film, an inspiring platform that recognizes and encourages Asian artists in entertainment.

Devil's Revenge Wins BEST INDIE HORROR at the '2020 Film Threat's Award This! Event'

December 06, 2019

Indie horror film Devil's Revenge, starring William Shatner, Jeri Ryan and Jason Brooks has taken home the BEST INDIE HORROR FILM Award at the Film Threat's Award This! Event!!! Congrats to director Jared Cohn, Cleopatra Entertainment and the entire cast and crew!

Article: Five Vibes You Will Encounter This Weekend at Long Beach Comic Con

August 27, 2019

"I caught my first “Women of SciFi” panel early on and haven’t looked back. While the panel evolves with each iteration, Dallas and Specht will sling plenty of laughs, empowerment as the tour continues in Long Beach."

Thank you to Curtis Herod for the write up in The Hi Lo for our event this weekend!!!

Interview with Voyage LA

August 26, 2019

My latest interview with Voyage LA. Thank you so much for the feature!

Film Promo: 5 Reasons to Watch The Pining

August 19, 2019

Much thanks to Villain Media for their review of our latest film The Pining! They give their top 5 reasons to watch and you may or may not recognize reason #4. :)

Editorial Article: Diversity in Hollywood

June 30, 2019

I was invited to write an article for the Overachiever Magazine about my experiences as an Asian American actress and this is the first time I'm getting published in a magazine so Yay! Read on!

Interview with Overachiever Magazine

February 13, 2019

Interview with Overachiever Magazine talking about working in Hollywood as an Asian American actress and becoming a producer and director to make movies that tell our stories.

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".. as well as solid genre performances from Tom Sizemore and Jackie Dallas.. Jackie Dallas' detective work is believable and grounded."

Movie Review for 'The Pining'

"Jackie is going to be the next big thing - I believe it. She's so incredibly intelligent - did you know she used to be a doctor? She works hard, has fun with the cast and crew. She has the best stories as well."

Movie Review and Interview with Director Eduardo Castrillo of 'The Pining'

"Jackie Dallas is absolutely fantastic in this film... she's just such a strong actor."

Heavy Cinema Podcast

Film Podcast, discussing the feature film 'The Pining'

"Her performance in the final product responded to my vision perfectly and was a result of not only her exceptional acting talents, but open mind and collaborative spirit. It was a pleasure working with her and I would do so again in a heartbeat!"

Ethan Paisley

Award Winning Director, Cannes Festival Screening

"Jackie is the kind of person who shows up on set and treats everyone with respect... She engages with the public and her fans... putting herself out there to support the projects she's in. This, to me as a director, is incredibly important to see. Someone who pushes the entire project instead of select clips to show only moments they are in. It shows a high level of collaboration and respect for everyone involved and I will always be grateful to Jackie for caring about the art."

Eduardo Castrillo

Director, Head of Uncia Films

"Jackie is one of the coolest, most easy-going fun actors out there, but she also has the talent and hard-earned skills to turn out an extremely intense performance... Jackie brings a compelling level of authenticity and breathes an ever surprising spark of life to the words on the page... She has incredible range... From a filmmaker's perspective, she's a dream come true."

Bo Campbell

Director of award winning festival short film, 'What If We Got Off On The Wrong Foot.

"I wish more actors could see your immense work ethic in person. Your success is not an accident.... I'd describe your passion as well-researched and relentless. Any actor would be wise to heed your advice."

Bridger Fox

Director, Assassin's Curse, LGBT film advocate

"It's not as easy as you think to find talent who can really put their heart into a corporate video and bring much more into each performance than just delivering a script. In addition to being THAT kind of talent, Jackie brings out the best in other actors and is a joy to work with. I enthusiastically recommend her!"

David Goad

Rich Media Producer, Cisco

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