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Crowdfunded projects:


One of the things I love most about acting is the opportunity for individuals to follow their dream and bring to life a story that needs to be told. But from a filmmaker's perspective, there is a LOT that goes into making a movie and casting talented actors is just a small part of it. The most daunting part of making a movie is raising funds to pay for the hard working crew, professional camera/ light/ sound equipment, elaborate wardrobe, expensive location permits, building sets, props and so much more!


However, with crowdfunding websites such as and, talented writers, directors and producers are now able to raise funds for their films like never before. 


Check out these projects that I BELIEVE IN and they NEED TO HAPPEN! But this will only be possible by donations and spreading the word about these incredible ideas. Please watch the trailers, read the directors' notes and find out how YOU can get involved in the making of these films!


                                                       Thank you.

Look Into The Fire

Produced by Uncia Films, LLC in association with Burnout Pictures and Full 88.

A psychological thriller about forgotten memories and buried truths.

​"A group of neuropsychology students work to unlock the potential of the brain. Adam takes his work too far. When his self-induced experiment goes wrong, he unwittingly unlocks repressed memories & becomes haunted by disturbing visions of a traumatic past event. As he digs deeper, he begins to realize that someone doesn’t want him to uncover the truth. Adam & his friends must work together to help him confront his recollections & figure out what is truth & what are lies before it’s too late.."

I'm excited to announce that I will be producing and starring in this feature film in the SF Bay area. Starring Hollywood actor, Gregg Henry (Scandal, Payback, Body Double, Slither, Guardians of the Galaxy)! We have also cast a diverse cast including Justin Chao (13 Reasons Why), I'll be in it (Stranger Things) and in his breakout debut, Artie Shase, Persian American actor from the Bay area! A huge priority for me was diversity in casting and you will see ethnic actors, female actors and LGBT representation throughout this film.


Directed by Tim Morrill and produced with Eduardo Castrillo of Uncia Films, LLC and Bo! Campbell of Burnout Pictures. Uncia Films has produced, filmed, marketed and successfully distributed several feature length films with notable name talent. Burnout Pictures has a reputation of consistently producing award winning short films that gain lots of critical acclaim in the film festival circuits. Bringing these two powerhouses together, we hope to have another successful film for 2018! 


Thank you so much!

~Jackie Dallas, Producer of 'Look Into The Fire'

This channel is coming soon!
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