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Short Films

Proud (2019)

A story about an Asian American who learns to embrace her ethnic heritage while trying to discover her identity as an American.

The Fringe of Existence (2018)

On the verge of death, a woman awakens only to find herself trapped in the unlikeliest of places. She must race time to find her way back to where it all started before it's too late.

Directed by: Felipe Cisneros

Produced by: Shadowclone Films

Starring: Jackie Dallas, Grace Ingland, Mick Hodder, Spencer Greene, John Orantes, Laura Long and Blake Borders

Coming Soon!

Indelible (2017)

A PTSD stricken war veteran returns home, but finds he cannot forget what he left behind.

Directed by: Ethan Paisley

Produced by: Take 18 Entertainment

Starring: Dorian Lockett, Jackie Dallas

The Noble Eightfold Path (2016)

A young girl learns the way of the Noble Eightfold Path.

Directed by: Josh Toliver

Production Co: Nor Cal Entertainment

Starring: Allayna Slate, Miyoko Sakatani, Jason Wong, Jackie Dallas

What If (We Got Off On The Wrong Foot)? (2016)

**Award winning horror short**

One girl's wild night out for her birthday leaves her in a tough situation where choices must be made. (R-rated version for violence)

Directed by: Bo! Campbell

Production Co: Burnout Pictures

Starring: Tiffany Chen, Bridger Fox, Puneet Prasad, Jackie Dallas

The Apostasy of Evelyn Hollow (2015)

**Rough cut. Student film, never finalized.

After the tragic death of her father, Evelyn Hollow must find the courage to continue her art.

Directed by: Mason Langley

Produced by: De Anza Film School

Starring: Jackie Dallas, Joanna Cretella

Catching Broken Glass (2015)

An Afghan veteran brings the war home in her head.

Directed by: Terrell Holden

Production Co: Holzgabel Films

Starring: Jackie Dallas, Terrell Holden, Robert Howard Cole

Full film also available on YouTube channel.

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