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DC Water: A Drop's Life

The original "A Drop's Life" focused on the fate of a rain drop that found itself in DC's combined sewer system: The sequel picks up the story with a new twist - new green methods to keep that drop and its buddies out of the sewers altogether. It's a story with a happy ending.

A Critical Action (Short Film)

A psychedelic thriller action adventure short film from the wild mind of Charles Scharfman.

Directed by: Charles Scharfman

Production Co: The Slow Clap

Starring: Anna Maliere, Brandon DeSpain, Charles Woodson, and Jackie Dallas

Han Sung BBQ Restaurant

Hansung BBQ offers traditional Korean BBQ experience by offering customers the option to grill their meat over a charcoal grill. We present our customers with high-quality freshly prepared meats, seafoods, and vegetables. We also offer a vast variety of other Korean cuisines, such as rice pots, noodles, tofu soup, and much more.  

Production Co: Your Media 2

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